What an great commission!

I recently worked on a hunting collection for a collaboration between Lady Martha Sitwell and equestrian brand Harry Hall.  Inspired by the 1950s, the collection creates a glamorous look for keen horse riders.  It makes me want to start riding! 


New Website!

pattern cutter london
pattern cutter london

Welcome to my new website!  After some initial butterflies about being in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes, I had great fun with photographer Saku Suutari getting some new photos done.  

I've now also added a new service - Skype consultations.  These are for aspiring pattern cutters and students who have a question they need some help with.  All you need to do is email me your question and then be able to make a video call.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Cecily dresses get out & about!

I just loved working on Cecily's dress collections.  The work appropriate dresses are both elegant and chic, with thoughtful consideration into making sure each dress is wearable.  The dresses have been seen on various TV celebrities, most recently on Holly Willoughby who wore the 'Grace' dress on This Morning, causing it to sell out!

Celebrity sightings!

It's always exciting when I spot a celebrity wearing a dress that I cut!  Singer Kate Nash looks fabulous on her LA Tour, in a dress I cut for Carlotta Actis Barone.  And Alexa Von Canisius’s luxury evening gowns have made it to the red carpet - they were beautiful dresses to work on.  They've been seen on several American actresses at various award ceremonies, including Style Golden Globes party and the American Music Awards. 

Pattern Cutter London

LFW Fashion East - Claire Barrow

Claire Barrow’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Fashion East showed on the London Fashion Week catwalk at the Tate Modern again.  My favourite piece was the off-shoulder illustrated dress that I cut for her.  She also has an exclusive capsule collection of screen printed leather jackets on sale at Matches.  We cut the biker jacket in a classic style and her cult illustrations give it her unique trademark.

Liberty by Stik, New York

Pattern Cutter London

My commission for graffiti artist ‘Stik’ is currently showing at the AgitPOP exhibition in New York gallery 'Guided by Invoices’.  The piece entitled 'Liberty’ is nearly 12ft tall and is his first in fabric - it was so much fun to make!  Locals to Hackney, Dulwich, Berlin, Jordan and New York, will recognize Stik’s figures who add a friendly face to our urban landscape.

London Fashion Week - Carlotta Actis Barone

LFW showcased Carlotta Actis Barone’s Autumn/Winter Collection of luxury evening wear.  Carlotta and I worked closely together on the complicated pattern cutting, with great results.  One jacket alone had 50 pattern pieces.  I did not see the final samples until the models stepped onto the catwalk and despite feeling ridiculously nervous, I was thrilled!

Shao Yen featured in Vogue

Vogue featured Shao Yen’s Goddess Collection in their December issue. I was the sole pattern cutter and seamstress for this showpiece collection, along with the help of a group of fantastic interns. It featured exaggerated sculptural silhouettes and experimental textiles including corded neoprene, mongolian fur and swarovski crystals and exhibited at London Fashion Week. We worked so hard that my fingers bled!